Ralu-Edil executes general renovation operations showing in a simple and detailed way the construction operations that we apply. We guarantee first class workers, supervised by responsible professionals : architects, engineers, geometrician, thermal technician.

Full bathroom renovation starting at 3900 E.
-          Removal of sanitary objects, accessories, loading and unloading
-          plating, floor, plaster demolition and leveling
-          removal of old water installations
-          supply and installation of sanitary appliances
-          supply and installation of a new level
-          supply and installation of plastering
-          floor execution
-          wall plating execution
-          bathroom painting
-          assembling of sanitary appliances

We offer a free estimation for :
-          demolitions, masonry, floors, wall plating
-          ceiling plating, plaster, anti-moisture treatment, structural strengthening
-          hydraulic operations, plasterboard operations, wall divisors, false ceilings
-          masonry assistance, all type of sketches
-          waterproofing operations, roofs, terraces
-          doors assembly, interior windows, bullet-proof doors
-          external sewerage installation, wells, self-locking, pavements, porphyry, washes

Our objectives :

  1. Guaranteed quality
  2. Large savings for the materials and components that we propose
  3. Quick interventions according to your demands
  4. A good quality-price report against the economical crisis